14 Must-Do Things When Visiting Zurich, Switzerland

Best Places to visit in Zurich Switzerland

14 Must-Do Things When Visiting Zurich, Switzerland


Zurich is the largest city in SwitzerlandZurich (Switzerland) is famous for its Lifestyle which this place offers, Famous Swiss Chocolates, Restaurants. Most Zurich people speak German, where a majority of them can understand English. Some Famous Swiss Cuisines are Cheese Fondue, Swiss Chocolate, Raclette, Rosti & Geschnetzeltes. 

Zurich’s Land Area is 87.88 km² & its population is estimated to be 400,000 (according to the Year 2017-18). +4143 is the Telephonic Area Code of Zurich (Switzerland). Flughafen Airport (Zurich Airport) is the largest airport in Switzerland which connects International Flights.

It is considered one of the most prosperous cities in Europe. Individuals like to settle in this beautiful city because of the beautiful places Zurich City offers that attract guests all around the globe. Visit a number of the foremost popular fascinating places like Bellevue square, the Old Rietberg Museum & the FIFA sports stadium.


Best Places to visit in Zurich Switzerland
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Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich, Switzerland

Bahnhofstrasse Switzerland
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The most widespread looking avenue altogether of the urban center, Bahnhofstrasse is additionally one in every of the foremost exclusive and costliest. Created because of the Station Road in 1864, Bahnhofstrasse was reconstructed when the initial fortifications were destroyed.
The spirited street connects the city’s depot and urban center Lake and it’s stuffed with shops and boutiques with nice, distinctive finds. Country banking center, Paradeplatz, may also be found here. Guests can notice everything from wonderful art to trendy wear whereas conjointly having the ability to travel to the riverside. There square measure many bars and faucet homes for guests to prevent and luxuriate in a refreshing brew or glass of wine.


Bellevue Square

Bellevue Square Zurich Switzerland
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Bellevue square was constructed in 1856 at the top of a former lowland among Lake urban center and the river Limmat. The square was named when Bellevue, a former grand edifice, and interprets as ‘a stunning sight’ in French. one in every of the foremost far-famed landmarks in urban center, the city square and its close settlements square measure listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Visitors will simply explore the beautiful square as there square measure several trams and regional bus lines that go between Bellevue square and alternative locations. one in every of the foremost illustrious spots to go to once in Bellevue square is Limmatquai or restaurant Odeon, however, their square measure alternative desired restaurants likewise.



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Lucerne is remembered as the pocket-sized version of Switzerland, which is roofed by stunning lakes & mountains all around. Lucerne is just 60 minutes far from Zurich.
With astonishing history, an incredible culture, and a formidable mountainous panorama move to create one of the most effective day journeys from the urban center.


Lindenhof Switzerland
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If you’re willing to require on the steep stairs resulting in the Lindenhof, you’ll fancy a good-looking read over the Limmat, with its flat-roofed pleasure boats and also the busy Limmatquai. This square’s fountain was inbuilt honor of the ladies of the urban center, World Health Organization saved the town once it had been enclosed by the Habsburgs in 1292. Parading fully military uniform, they duped the enemy into a basic cognitive process that town was too well defended to be conquered.



Rhine Falls Zurich Switzerland
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The Rhine Falls is found next to the city of Schaffhausen in northern Switzerland. The Rhine Falls is one of the biggest waterfalls in Europe. The Falls may be a must-see for guests and locals alike.
There square measure reading platforms designed on each side of the Rhine to admire the spectacular view of the falls. Fancy gusty water lots at this impressive water-rich spectacle. You must not miss the Boat Trip that adds comfort to the present journey.


Limmatquai, Zurich, Switzerland

Limmatquai Zurich Switzerland
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If you wish to visit a new place in Zurich, just browse the little shop of Limmatquai. The riverside searching street is lined with historic design housing a good form of retailers and cafes. It’s a quaint space to explore and one of the most effective places to go to Zurich for the historic look.
Limmatquai has some cheaper stores as compared to Bahnhofstrasse. You’ll get notable Suisse Chocolate & souvenirs. You may notice The watercourse on one aspect and therefore the retailers on the opposite. whereas exploring, you may notice the Rathaus, Zurich’s government building.
People like to come back to the present place from everywhere the globe simply to require some nice photos.


Swiss National Museum

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The Schweizerisches Landesmuseum (Swiss National Museum) is found in an exceedingly curious Victorian-style structure beside the Hauptbahnhof, celebrating the history, culture of Suisse. Its halls are explosive with medieval sculpture and painting, and plenty of rooms feature windows and frescoes that have been evacuated from ancient churches and homes and re-installed here. Upstairs, an enormous space displays weapons, armor, uniforms, and alternative military records. The depository additionally has reconstructed rooms from Swiss homes of many centuries past.


Mount Rigi, Zurich, Switzerland

Mount Rigi Zurich Switzerland
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Also referred to as the Queen of the Mountains, Mount Rigi offers its guests gorgeous panorama views and awe-inspiring hiking opportunities. Mount Rigi is often reached from Zurich easily, and it is a perfect tour for holidaymakers.


Mount Pilatus, Zurich, Switzerland

Mount Pilatus Zurich Switzerland Swiss
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Mount Pilatus offers many opportunities for outside activities. It can be accessed all time, therefore it becomes a perfect tourist destination for families.
Mount Pilatus could be a mountain shrouded in mystery and traditional knowledge. According to some medieval period legends, dragons and ghosts once ruled the mountain.


Jungfraujoch Zurich Switzerland

Jungfraujoch, additionally referred to as the highest of Europe is found 3,454 meters higher than the water level, Jungfraujoch is the highest peak in Europe.
Open all year spherical, a visit to Jungfraujoch is Associate in Nursing persistent expertise in an exceedingly high-Alpine wonderland of eternal ice and snow.


Visit St Peter Church

Sankt Peterskirche Church
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On the Münsterhof, the Zunfthaus Zur Waag was home for the hat makers & weavers. Now, It is currently a restaurant.

Welcoming with very few streets marked with boutiques and antique products shops, drive you to the Saint Peter’s Church (Sankt Peterskirche), the oldest church in Zurich. It is the home to the tallest clock tower in Europe, with a height of nearly 9m or 30 feet in diameter.

The ornate method region is filled with pillars of pinkish-orange carving, delicate stucco, and crystal chandeliers chemical analysis from the eighteenth century.


Fine Arts Museum (The Kunsthaus)

Kunsthaus Zurich Switzerland Bold Safari
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The Kunsthaus (Fine Arts Museum) contains collections of European paintings from the center Ages to the twentieth century, with Swiss artists notably well pictured. You may notice works by Johann Heinrich Füssli, Arnold Böcklin, and Ferdinand Hodler, each major figure of the nineteenth century, furthermore because the sculptor painter. Additionally, to masterpieces by painter Cézanne, Van Gogh, and statue maker, the depository possesses the biggest assortment outside Scandinavia of works by the Norwegian creator painter.
One Gallery is assigned to the painter, whereas another has Dadaist works by an artistic person, Francis Picabia, and Max Ernst. The depository owns collections from many necessary grounds, as well as the painter Foundation, the Dada assortment (the pictures of Man Ray), and therefore the Swiss Photography Foundation.



GrossMunster Zurich Switzerland
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Opposite the Fraumünster stands the cathedral, Grossmünster, constructed within 1100 to 1250 on the position of the 9th-century church. The Grossmünster is that the uncontested mother church of the Reformation in German-speaking Switzerland, the theologizer preached here from 1519 till he died in 1531. The stained-glass windows, designed by Augusto statue maker, are a 20th-century addition. The twin towers constructed in the fifteenth century are the best places to visit in the city.


Catch a train to the Summit of Uetliberg

Uetliberg Zurich Switzerland
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Uetliberg is taken into account to be one of the most notable places in Switzerland. It’s one among the summits of the Albis chain of mountain ridges. This place provides a bird’s eye view of Zurich. You’ll see the whole previous city space from the highest of the mountain.
You don’t have to climb a mountain to get enjoyment from the appearance. You’ll decide on Railways that you’ll notice at the Uetliberg depot. You’ll get the most Amazing view from the Observation Tower. You might have to pay some extra cost if you want to take a view from the observation tower.


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