22 Must-Do Things When Visiting Tokyo, Japan

Best Places to visit in Tokyo Japan

22 Must-Do Things When Visiting Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo (東京) is the capital state of Japan. Tokyo is the most populous metropolis state in the world. Shinjuku City is the capital city of Tokyo. Tokyo is a fascinating state. It has a blend of hundreds of old temples, a bold thought of style, artistic movement streetscapes, and an ultra-convenient school. Try the Popular SushiTokyo is famous for its Shrines & Temples. Apart from the temple, Tokyo is famous for the art museums, Cuisines, Buildings & Beautiful GardensTokyo is the political and economic center of Japan.

Tokyo’s Land Area is 2,194 km² & the Population of Tokyo is estimated to be 14,000,000 (according to the Year 2021-22). (+03) is the Telephonic Code of Tokyo (Japan). There are 2 Major Airports in Tokyo (Japan) – Tokyo Narita International Airport (成田国際空港) & Tokyo International Haneda Airport (羽田空港). Average Tokyo Weather is 13° Celsius to 25° Celsius. You will find out many unique things to try in Japan.

The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics was scheduled to be held in the year 2020, but due to the pandemic, it was postponed to the year 2021. The Tokyo Olympics is scheduled to be held between 23 July 2021 to 8 August 2021. Around 11,500 athletes are expected to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. Many people gathered outside the headquarters demanding the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics amid covid-19 pandemic.

Dame Oyaji, written & illustrated by Mitsutoshi Furuya, was the first anime manga to be aired on TV Tokyo. Tokyo Ghoul is a Japanese Manga, written & illustrated by Sui Ishida (石田スイ). You will find hundreds of Vending Machines at every 100 Meters in Japan.


Here are some Best Places to Eat in Tokyo :-

  • Tapas Molecular Bar – Chuo City (Tokyo)
  • Narisawa – Minata City (Tokyo)
  • Ise Sueyoshi – Minato City (Tokyo)
  • Kuriya – Shinjuku City (Tokyo)
  • Sometarō – Taito City (Tokyo)
  • Classis Tsukiji Food Tour Book in Advance & Save Long Queues
Best Places to visit in Tokyo Japan
Image By Shbs from PixaBay


Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower
Image Credits: Shutterstock

The iconic Tokyo Tower is well one of the commonly photographed structures in Tokyo. It is 33m taller than the French Eiffel Tower. The communication and structure offer unbeatable views over Tokyo making this the perfect place to produce those classic shots of the town. At the times of dark, the tower is lit up, with a lovely view in itself.


DisneySea Theme Park

Disney Sea Theme Park Tokyo JapanThere is one thing Japanese folks prefer is their theme parks. Tokyo has 2 magnificent Adventure Parks to experience, as well as the world’s solely DisneySea. The DisneySea Theme Park was constructed at the cost of 335 Billion Yen.

Disneyland is small in terms of land area. However, you’ll notice it superbly once you visit there.

You can additionally visit Universal Studios since it’s simply 2 hours to Osaka on the passenger train. Universal Studios Osaka, Japan is way larger than Universal Studios Singapore. A visit to at least one of Japan’s several theme parks is one of the foremost unforgettable and distinctive things to do in Japan.


Ueno Park

Ueno Park Tokyo, Japan
Image Credits: Shutterstock

Sort of a one-stop culture stop in Tokyo, Ueno Park not solely offers a colossal inexperienced haven inside the town complete with shrines and a seafaring lake however additionally varied museums to explore.

You can visit The Tokyo National Museum, the oldest Japanese national Museum explosive with historical treasures, several art museums including the famous Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, and therefore the amusive Science and Technology Museum.

There is one thing for everybody. Round off your expertise with a bite from one of the numerous street vendors inside the park.



Visit Asakusa and the ancient temple Senso-Ji

Asakusa Senso ji Temple Tokyo japan
Image Credits: Shutterstock

Known as the historic neighborhood of Tokyo, exploring Asakusa may be a should for folks visiting Tokyo. Partially because of the spectacular ancient temple of Sensoji with its painting red lamp.

This is an excellent method to examine the Shinto and Buddhist beliefs at the center of Japanese life. Towards the approach to the temple, you’ll be able to explore Nakamise shopping place, a true move behind in time.

This active ancient market sells everything from street food to souvenirs. It’s fashionable to rent a robe during this space since it oozes previous Japan at each flip. There’s no better place than Asakusa when you’re searching for different stuff to try in Tokyo. 



Akihabara Tokyo Japan
Image Credits: Shutterstock

There’s no rejecting that a big draw to Japan for many is its anime and video-game history and the nerds’ 1st stop to Japan is typically Tokyo’s buzzing electrical town: Akihabara.

For otaku and nerds, there are no better places to go to in Tokyo than Akihabara. Abundant of different stuff to try in Tokyo, you will feel satisfied there.

Discover themed cafes to game bars and big malls jam-choked with retro games, plushies, and anime records. Since this can be an electrical city, this can be added wherever you return if you’re searching for a replacement camera or the newest phone or Nintendo console.

You will be amazed to see massive lights, large signboards with anime girls in Akihabara. 


Ghibli Museum

Ghibli Museum Tokyo
Image Credits: iStock Photos

Do not miss The Ghibli Museum once you land in Tokyo, Japan.

See how Miyazaki’s work comes to life in this unbelievable area is unimaginable, and it is one of the several loved notable things to try in Tokyo.

Located on the western aspect of Tokyo, this Museum permits you to induce a more in-depth investigation. However, animation involves life and see cells, sculptures, and toys from celebrated films.



Harajuku Tokyo Japan
Image Credits: Shutterstock

Harajuku is well one of the most effective places to go to in Tokyo. It is an iconic Tokyo destination, forever a draw for the choice and fun youth of Japan.

From the way-out fashion to everything cute and colorful, daily on Takeshita-Dori (the main looking street opposite the celebrated Harajuku Station) is best-spent consumption weird and wondrous desserts and shopping for kawaii accessories.

Filled with shops, boutiques, and cafeterias, this is easily one of the most fun streets solely, whole different items to try in Tokyo. Don’t forget to require legion photos of the crazy fashion decisions that you’ll inevitably see.


Samurai Museum

Samurai Museum Tokyo Japan
Image Credits: Shutterstock

The celebrated Samurai of the Sengoku amount return to life during this fantastic Museum snuggled within the heart of Shinjuku. You’ll be taken on a tour through history and see everything from real samurai armor and weapons to paintings and live performances from trained samurai.

You will be able to even dress up in armor and capture those vital pictures.

If you are searching for a Museum, this is a little quite different this can be one of the various distinctive sites to visit in Tokyo.


Imperial Palace and Gardens

Imperial Palace and Garden Tokyo Japan
Image Credits: Shutterstock

The Imperial Palace East Garden is receptive to guests year-round. Located on the positioning of a former Edo castle complete with stone walls and a trench, the grounds function as an area for Tokyo people to escape the improved busy life. However, additionally, supply an opportunity to require a step back in time.

On the opposite aspect of the trench, Chidori-ga-fuchi may be a fashionable cherry blossom gazing spot.



Pokémon Center

Image Credits: Shutterstock

Since the primary whispers of a possible Pokémon Center gap in Tokyo, the publicity around the world’s 1st Pokémon dedicated store was tremendous. No nation will toys and games like Japan, and Pokémon is arguably the largest and most durable world craze in history.

Stepping within the megastore for the primary time, within the heart of Tokyo is Associate in Nursing expertise like no different and whether or not you’re into the craze or not, it’s difficult to resist the large Pokémon Centers drawing in immense crowds.

Floor-to-ceiling plushies, unique Japanese memorials, photo ops, and a Pokémon Cafeteria are just some of the numerous attractions inside.


Shinjuku Gyoen

Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo Japan
Image Credits: Shutterstock

Despite Tokyo’s several nice parks, escaping into nature isn’t continually simple. Simply a brief walk from Shinjuku station, Shinjuku Gyoen is sort of a cross between a facility and a park.

It highlights many themed areas, just like the French Landscape Garden, the English Landscape Garden, and the ancient Japanese Landscape Garden Area with bridges and a teahouse.

Aside from the cherry blossom season, when it’s particularly busy Shinjuku Gyoen typically remains a splendidly relaxed space to walk.


Island of Odaiba

Image Credits: Shutterstock

The school capital of Tokyo, Odaiba offers a variety of amusement and tech-based activities, like the interactive picture gallery TeamLab Borderless. This stunning island within the heart of Tokyo is Japan’s artificial island.

Besides school, Odaiba is additionally a fine-looking island to explore, sometimes enjoying host to outside fun sort of a summer brew competition. The beach and city district space comes alive within the Summer season as shoppers evacuate the assorted malls on the island for a few contemporary air and sun.

Odaiba even sports a large Ferris wheel and its good reproduction of the sculpture of Liberty, which may be a splendidly Japanese issue to try.


Golden Gai

Golden Gai Tokyo Japan
Image Credits: Byfood

This celebrated very little space tucked away in Shinjuku, maybe an assortment of slim alleyways magnificently lit with Japanese lanterns at the hours of darkness. For Associate in Nursing epic and completely different night get in Tokyo, this maze of two hundred smoky izakayas and little restaurants create a modification from the stylish cocktail enthusiastically bars Tokyo is legendary for.

It has largely been condemned by guests in recent years, however, you’ll still encounter the odd locals-only assemblage or chilly reception currently and so. Also, most square measure therefore tiny they will solely accommodate one or two of consumers, that is that the reasoning behind the hefty seating charges you’ll notice.

From brew to liquor and several other sake bars on supply here this can be standard expertise that has to be had.


Ryogoku KokuSumo Wrestling

Ryogoku Kokugikan Tokyo Japan
Image Credits: The Japan Times

Another ancient side of Japanese culture may be a must-see for guests to Tokyo. You should not miss a wrestling match at Ryogoku Kokugikan. Ryōgoku Kokugikan is an indoor stadium where you can catch an actual sumo wrestling match! Watching a sumo match is much more interesting, and it adds a charm to the Tokyo Tour. Try to purchase the tickets as early as you can. And, of course, it’s one of the most effective and one of the most original things to try in Tokyo, Japan. Sumo matches are easily approachable by the common people as it is more reasonable and attracts the fans with a thrilling fight between the two sumo wrestlers.

People are very active throughout these matches. (the roaring people, the exciting environment, and when people throw pillows) You can also learn sumo by registering at the stadium. The Ryogoku district is also home to an outsized range of little-known historical landmarks and rassling stables, several of which could allow you to watch the first mornings for complimentary.


Click Here to Register for Sumo Wrestling Morning Practice Tour



Tsukiji Fish Market (Now Toyosu Market)

Tsukiji Fish Market Tokyo Japan
Image Credits: Wikipedia

Tsukiji Market was closed on the sixth of Gregorian calendar month 2018 and affected to a replacement website in Toyosu. You’ll be able to still relish Tsukiji and luxuriate in contemporary food at the native restaurants.

The chance to envision the tuna auction is currently in Toyosu, however, arguably a lot of fun consumption half continues to be noticeably gifted. Tsukiji Market continues to be one of all the most effective places to go to in Tokyo for enjoying superb street food, seeing dish and sashimi-making in action, and greedy a number of the most effective food on the complete planet!


The Art Triangle in Roppongi

National Art Center Roppongi Triangle Tokyo Japan
Image Credits: Japan Airlines

Immersing yourself within the Art Triangle is one of the most effective ways to induce concern within the trendy art culture of Tokyo.

Consisting of The National Art Centre, the Suntory Museum of Art, and the wondrous Mori Art Museum that also options The Sun restaurant and therefore the Moon eating house and stunning views of the town from the within.

Each of those astounding galleries options notable modern art from around Japan and has regular revolving exhibitions from celebrated native and international artists. Once considering wherever to remain in Tokyo, Roppongi may be a fine alternative for guests searching for a touch of dynamism and bustle.


Omotesando Hills

Image Credits: Go Tokyo

The Omotesando Hills is a shopping complex built-in 2005. You’ll notice the high fashion, designer-quirky clothes, but also an abundance of qualified workers and great restaurants in Omotesando Hills.

Start at Omotesando Plaza and make your plan towards Shibuya. Prominently stunning at the hours of the night since the retailers placed on light exhibits, this whole space is meant to capture traveler attention.


Robot Restaurant 

Robot Restaurant Tokyo Japan
Image Credits: iStock Photo

One of the strange matters and, by far, most unforgettable and distinctive places to travel to in Tokyo is the Robot Restaurant.

A weird fantasy of Japanese invention, where you are eating in a light show while anime characters wrestle with cyborgs. It is an unforgettable expertise.

Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya Crossing Tokyo Japan
Image Credits: iStock Photo

Shibuya may be a model of everything trendy in the Japanese capital, creating it one of all the must-explore places to go to in Tokyo. It solely takes one research into the invasion of shinning tall buildings to realize that you have reached Tokyo.

Apart from shopping, dining, and watching movies, there are some important places to explore in Shibuya.

Shibuya Crossing is known as the most active pedestrian zone in the world in terms of traffic. Visit the legendary sculpture of Hachikō, placed right outside the Shibuya terminus, or pop downstairs into the Tokyu Food competition to expertise underground food heaven.

Visit the Shibuya Sky rooftop Observatory

Shibuya Sky Scramble Tokyo Japan
Image Credits: iStock Photo

Shibuya Sky Rooftop is located at the Shibuya Scramble Square. Japan’s newest observation deck, the Shibuya Sky rooftop observatory, stands at 230 meters tall that provides a dramatic 360 view of Shibuya. Look down on one of the world’s most shot views: The Scramble, where over a thousand people pass five main streets at the same period.

Getting a birds-eye view of this spectacular scenery makes it all the more impressive as countless people are reduced to a mass of dots.

You will be able to see other famous landmarks like the Tokyo Skytree, Yoyogi park, and even Mount Fuji. The 47-floor tower also features shopping, cafes, and digitalized gallery of art, making for an immersive Tokyo experience.


Standing Sushi Bar

Standing Sushi Bar Tokyo Japan

For the best-value-for-money sushi, everyone recommends the Standing Sushi Bar. It makes for a unique and mouth-watering gastronomic experience since found only in Tokyo. Enjoy the super sushi. There are many sushi bars. You can search the location on Google Maps.  People enjoy the food while standing. 



Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

Ginza Tokyo
Image Credits: Wikipedia

Ginza is the most luxurious room in Tokyo for shopping. This market is one of the most lavish shopping regions in the world. The name Ginza originates from the terms GIN which means silver, and ZA which means guild. In 1612, the Japanese administration shifted its silver mint to this region. It is the most glamorous shopping district in Tokyo. You would not resist spending money here.



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