23 Must-Do Things When Visiting Sydney, Australia

Sydney Australia

23 Must-Do Things When Visiting Sydney (Australia)


Sydney Australia
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Opera House

Sydney Opera House Australia
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The Opera House is the most famous place to visit in Sydney. The world-heritage-listed structure is charming with attractive lightings at night.

There’s plenty of concerts and programs operated in the Opera House and the adjacent region, and you can have a delicious meal inside the area.

Free Sydney Walking Tours

Sydney Walking Tour
Image Credits: FreeTour

Get to know Sydney by enrolling in the Sydney Walking Tour.

Begin with encouraging volunteering locals who want to give their appreciation of the town with Bold Safaris Explorers like you.

You’ll enjoy the exploration of the city, but please note that there are only 3 Tours Per Day.


Darling Harbor

Sydney Darling harbor
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The Darling Harbor is a favorite fun collection nearby Sydney’s city center, with thrilling river scenes and lots to have you well-fed and relaxed.

There are many types of attractions in the Harbor, whereas some are ideals involve the tranquil Chinese Garden of Friendship and its lovely CHAI (Tea) business, the Carousel, the National Maritime Museum, and the fascinating Dockside Pavilion.

There’s more, including an active nightlife display in the shelter, an aquarium, the top Harbourside Shopping Centre, a Madam Tussauds, and lots more.


Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Sydney Bondi Beach
Image Credits: iStock Photo

Bondi Beach is one of the most popular beaches of Australia, and a popular dive for the local people, as well as for international tourists.

The surrounding area has some fabulous retail and dining alternatives.

Bondi Beach is on the Australian Heritage List and is also remarkable for existing as the Guinness World Record for the swimsuit photoshoot.


Paddy Market

australia sydney paddy market

Paddy markets have been a Sydney tradition for over 150 years.

Paddy’s Market is the largest supermarket in Sydney, with over 1,000 stalls within the Haymarket and Flemington locations.

You’ll find fairly valued souvenirs, bric-a-brac, and overall fun things, as well as a large environment and delicious meals.


Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney, Australia

Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens
Image Credits: TripAdvisor

The Royal Botanic Gardens was established in 1816, and thus it is the oldest botanic garden in Australia.

They Feasted their Anniversary with a list of popular commemorative events during the year.

Various guided and self-guided tours are available, and the Choo Choo express offers a swift, spectacular way to get around the gardens.

You’ll discover many pleasant truths about Australian botanical archives, and enjoy lots of superb plant growth! The Royal Botanic Gardens are simply a few minutes’ walk from the Sydney Central Business District and the Opera House and are one of Sydney’s most tourist attractions with over 5 million visitors per year.


Home and Away ride

Home and away tour
Image Credits: rezdy

Home and Away is a soap opera that has been operating since 1988, making it the second-longest play series in Australian TV records, which you can catch on Channel 7 at 7 pm from Monday to Thursday.

The show is broadcasted in about 80 nations worldwide, and many people in the United Kingdom love it.

Home and Away is set in the imaginary Summer Bay, and it was filmed largely in Palm Beach. Some scenes were shot in Summer Bay. There is constant shooting happening in this place. Palm Beach boasts remarkable landscape – clear-blue waters and pristine white beaches, so it is also a delightful spot to relax and reinvigorate.

Luna Park (Milsons Point)

Luna Park Sydney
Image Credits: TripAdvisor

Luna Park is worth visiting for the so-kitsch-it’s-cool way alone; it makes an entertaining photo backdrop.

If you’re into amusement park rides, you’ll have a fabulous time here: the Wild Mouse is ideal for that terrifying-yet-awesome rollercoaster excitement.

On the other hand, if you’re in the desire for a romantic dinner, then Luna Park is perfect too – you can have first-class dining inside a Ferris wheel carriage on Sundays.

There’s also a Coney Island area, inspired by the actual Coney Island in the US: it’s an old-school funhouse with addition games, a mirror maze, and a classical retro game.


Town of Manly, Sydney, Australia

Image Credits: CN Traveler

Manly is a comfortable beachside suburb, a tiny (and gorgeous!) ferry ride away from Sydney’s city center.

It’s very common with locals and tourists alike – a mountainous 8 million visitors per year and, its ideal for beach and water sports including some of the most loved sports such as beach volleyball, surfing, kayaking, scuba diving.

Manly also boasts great al fresco dining options, a graceful museum, a sea life sanctuary, and even a shark-diving adventure! Various escorted walking tours by expert locals are also open.

Take a ferryboat at Circular Quay and Darling Harbor

Circular Quay Sydney Ferry Ride
Image Credits: TripAdvisor

Traveling through the opera house and experiencing the spectacular scenes of the river is a delightful idea to relax.

There are numerous sightseeing cruises available, many of which are fed, but if you’re on a budget, you can have identical views at a much cheaper price via public transport, you can reach Darling Harbor for 4 Dollars.

Explore Different Types of museum in Sydney, Australia

Sydney museum

Sydney is home to some world-class museums that offer a captivating shrewdness into Sydney’s history, present, and future, as well as some interesting gatherings from all over the world.

The Australian Museum consists of the great natural history gathering and gets up close with Australia’s deadliest evil things.

The Powerhouse Museum focuses on science, plan, discovery, and technology, and the game shows vary from steam engines to growth in the 1980s, to an outstanding dancing robot.

The Hyde Park Barracks Museum is a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site that provides an oft-depressing step back into history, having previously been first a criminal depot and then an asylum for women.

Sydney’s Famous Nightlife

Sydney Nightlife
Image Credits: KBB

Sydney is known as one of the southern hemisphere’s best destinations for nightlife, and a good reason.

Some famous venues outside include Chinese Laundry and Home. (There are plenty of pubs and clubs in Kings Cross, it may be best to avoid them.

 Enjoy a Sporting Competition at the Sydney Cricket Ground

Sydney Cricket Ground
Image Credits: Wikipedia

Sydney loves its sports, and you’ll notice how deep the locals are about their favorite teams.

The SCG is the point to grab a competition with Sydney fans, something is watching on most weekends, and the venue plays host to a broad variety of sports including cricket, rugby, and AFL. Even if you’re not into sports, it’s fun to breathe in the obvious drama at a game, and you may even want to buy some souvenirs for your sporty friends back home.

Garigal National Park, Sydney, Australia

Garigal National Park
Image Credits: TripAdvisor

Garigal is a preserved national park in the North Shore region of Sydney. The national park covers around 2200 hectares.

It is only 20km from the Central Business District, it is a gorgeous spring only, a small journey away from the hustle and bustle, and it’s a favorite weekend getaway for locals.

The park tracks are popular for hikers, cyclists, and delightful waterfalls.

You’ll find an elegant view here, as well as local plants and fauna; there are also 100 antique Aboriginal places listed inside the park, including cave art and rock carvings.

Sydney’s Historic Pub 

Sydney Pub
Image Credits: Time Out

Bars have achieved an important role in Sydney’s history since the ancient times of European establishment. The 4 hours unforgettable bar crawl will take you to four of the oldest bars in the town, as you discover the sometimes-seedy, always interesting accounts of the area, gang life, houses, unsolved crimes, and more.

Sydney is a city that is rich in stories, and the bar crawl is an excellent method to obtain close with some of the stories from the underbelly of society.

Visit Taronga Zoo

Image Credits: TripAdvisor

Taronga Zoo is a short ride away from Sydney’s city center, but it feels like a different world.

This well-kept zoo is residence to a vast range of creatures and is exciting about security, sustainability, and public knowledge.

There’s also a sky-high ropes experience program, allowing gorgeous pictures of Sydney Harbour.

It’s quite a large zoo, but the zoo train and the Sky Safari will help you get around in luxury.

It’s also likely to relax the evening at the zoo in safari way tents.

Ghost Tour at Sydney, Australia

Ghost Tour Sydney
Image Credits: TripAdvisor

A great way to discover the scary parts of Sydney is to visit the ghost tour, which was originally discovered as a convict settlement.

Various organizations provide ghost tours, where you’ll listen to real tales of crimes, suicides, hangings, and more.

One of these tours is of Quarantine Station, a location that was used to isolate people believed to be carrying contagious diseases.

Spooky Ghost Tour is considered, one of Australia’s haunted places.

Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace

Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace
Image Credits: SUVA

The Hayden Orpheum is a beautiful small part of theater past and a glass into the picture dramas of the grandparents’ period.

This cinema has been running since 1935, and you can catch the latest flicks in luxurious 30s extravagance.

Some movie sessions even start with a theatre process being played while these were commonplace at the time of the soundless movies. It is not much ordinary, that’s why it’s quite a unique, charming event.

The Picture Palace sometimes treats themed film evenings.

Visit Elizabeth Farm

Elizabeth Farm is Australia’s oldest homestead, set on the grounds of a re-created 1830s garden.

It is an access-all-areas living museum, with no restrictions or secured gates. It truly feels like wandering throughout a residence in the new 19th century.

Elizabeth Farm is an interesting awareness into the stories of first European settlers through the story of the MacArthur family which inhabited the home.

Various trips are possible, inclusive of a journey by candlelight, and a family tour.

A tea room is located where you can have Devonshire tea.

Sydney Tower Eye

The Sydney Tower Eye is the highest point in Sydney, from which you can see 360° picturesque scenes.

It is attractive both throughout the day and at night. The Tower is open each day of the year.

Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Fish Market

Australia is recognized for its tasty marine fishes, and the Sydney Fish Market is a vast site to buy top-quality fish.

It also has a vast environment, and behind the views trips are possible.

There are many cafes and eateries, as well as Chinese sea food and sushi restaurants.

Visit The Rocks, Sydney, Australia

The Rocks Sydney
Image Credits: Culture Trip

The Rocks was the initial area where European settled in Australia and are deep in the past, and it was important as a criminal condition and then as a working-class section of the city.

It’s also home to Cadman’s Cottage, the oldest living home in Sydney.

The Rocks are also well-known for their stores, cobblestone laneways, and stunning views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

You’ll find some great art exhibits in this region and great feast choices.

Visit Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island Sydney
Image Credits: Sydney

Cockatoo Island is an island established in the center of Sydney Harbour, easily available by boat.

Members of the island have been inscribing on the UNESCO World Heritage List, as one of 11 ancient sites that make the Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Property.

The Australian Convict Sites are the best surviving indication of the prisoner shipping and forced workers used to develop Australia as a European territory.

The criminal boundary of Cockatoo Island is seldom surprising proof of the dreadful cruelties of prisoner behavior.

The island also has a captivating naval record, which continued up to 1979, and was affirmed as a reform institution.

The island is also gorgeous, and a favorite canopy area.

There is also a monstrous chess cabinet outside the Visitors Centre.


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