25 Must-Do Things When Visiting London, England

London England

25 Must-Do Things When Visiting London, England


London is the capital of England. London (England) is famous for its Big Ben Tower, Museums, Buckingham Palace, History. You will enjoy this visit. Some Famous British Cuisines are Shepherd’s Pie, Yorkshire Pudding, Chicken Tikka Masala, Pie & Mash.


London’s Land Area is 1,572 km² & its population is estimated to be 9,000,000 (according to the Year 2019-20). +020 is the Telephonic Area Code of London (England). There are 6 Airports located in London: London City, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, London Luton, London Stansted and London Southend. Here are some of the Best Things to do in London, England.

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Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace London
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Buckingham Palace is one of the only fully operating palaces (which has some Kings Power). Buckingham Palace located in Westminster, surrounded by lovely green spaces, and well connected to The Mall. Buckingham Palace is the uppermost attraction as the shifting of the Guard takes place here. A show is held that happens at 11 am daily. Though, the Shifting of the Guards happens only on certain weekdays. Do not Miss this Opportunity when you are visiting Buckingham Palace


Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge London
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Built in 1886 and finished in 1894, the Tower Bridge that crosses the river is one of the topmost painting bridges in the world. Once you cross Tower Bridge, you may explore the museums close to the Bridge.

The London EYE

London Eye
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This large ride (London EYE) constructed in 2000 stands at 135 meters tall. Earlier, it was the tallest ride in the world, but now since it has lost its spot, it is one of the tallest wheels in the world. This wheel attracts several tourists.


Big Ben

Big Ben London
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Big Ben is the title of the highest of five bells within the Tower. The tower is named the Elizabeth Tower, which is all connected to the Palace of Westminster. The Palace is situated next to the Westminster Bridge, where the UK Parliament lies.


Westminster Church

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Westminster Abbey is one of the foremost painting churches. This church was created on the orders of King Henry, all English and British monarchs have had their enthronement there!

This abbey was inbuilt in 1245, has been remodeled and renovated a bunch of times, and is currently thought about as one of all the foremost necessary Gothic structures within the whole of the united kingdom. As such, the Abbey is currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s additionally been the location of sixteen royal weddings and 3,000 plus famous bodies are buried there.


The National Gallery

National Gallery London united kingdom
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The National Gallery was constructed back in 1824 and it focuses on European art. The gathering boasts over a pair of 1,000 paintings from as far back as the 13th century! The good issue regarding most museums in London is that general admission to go to them is free.


The Shard

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The piece was designed back in 2010, the piece has the very best observation deck in London on the 72nd floor. The building is additionally home to some restaurants, cafes, and even an edifice, the Shangri-La! You will be amazed to see the view from this Building.


The Tower of London

The tower of London
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London has no shortage of historic buildings, so there’s one 900-year-old castle, The Tower of London. Settled terribly on the point of wherever Tower Bridge connects to the side of the Thames, this notable fort encompasses a heap of stuff to supply guests. Over the years, it’s served as a royal residence, military barracks, an armory, an infamous jail, and currently a repository. This can be the house of Crown Jewels.


The Sky Garden, London, England

The Sky Garden London
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Located on the 35th floor of “The Walkie Talkie” Building (officially twenty Fenchurch is the name and address), this urban jungle may be a cool place with lots of restaurants, bars/cafes, and even events. You need to book your spots online. The entry charges are free.


Kensington Palace, London, England

Kensington Palace
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Kensington Palace is the official royal residence for some necessary royals. It’s settled in Kensington Gardens.


Take a Tour of The Tate Modern

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The Tate Modern in early 2019 was named the most visited attraction within the United Kingdom. Entry to the repository is free, though, there are special premises that can add some cost to your budget.

The Tate Modern is straightforward to seek out, simply hunt for the huge red brick building exterior on the South Bank of the Thames. The doorway is on the right directly opposite the stream from St. Paul’s Cathedral and combining the “Harry Potter” Bridge.

Visit Monument to the Great Fire of London

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The Monument to the Great Fire of London is found on the north bank of the watercourse on the point of the bottom of London Bridge. This 62 meters tall tower was built in 1671 to observe the great fire of London in 1666. At that point, it destroyed 33 percent of the town and left 13,000 families homeless.

The monument itself has significance. It was placed close to Pudding Lane, the road with the workplace within which the hearth initial stony-broke out. Rising the spiral stairway involves 311 steps. However, you get neat views of the town from this viewpoint simply north of the watercourse.


The Tate Britain, London, England

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Tate UK displays British art together with some paintings, sculptures, & more. The Tate is located on the right side of the Thames, it’s simply south of the Palace of Westminster on the watercourse bank on the point of the Vauxhall Bridge and a dirt track Tube Station.



St. Paul Cathedral, London, England

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The iconic dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral never disappoints! St. Paul’s is found simply north of the Thames, with the Millennium Bridge connecting the walk from the building directly across the watercourse to the front of the Allen Tate trendy repository.

The original church on the website was from 604 and designed at Ludgate Hill is the very best point within the town of London. The recent cathedral was originally inbuilt in 1256; however, it burnt down within the nice hearth of London. The new building (the current one) was remodeled in 1675. The enduring dome stood as the highest purpose on the skyline for over three centuries till the 1960 and continues to be one of the very best domes in the world nowadays.


The National History Museum

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Located in South Kensington, the explanation depository is one of all 3 major museums on the “Exhibition Road”. The depository is important for its contributions to life and natural science – with some specimens even having been collected by the naturalist himself!

The entrance lobby is painted with a painting for the very fact that there should be an archosaur, a patch of the dinosaur “Dippy” and has currently been replaced with a full skeleton of a sulfur bottom. Like the foremost publicly funded museums in London, general admission is free with special exhibits to cost a touch of cash.


The Victoria & Albert Francis Museum

Albert & Victoria Museum
Image By jorisamonen from PixaBay

If you wish to envision the world’s largest depository dedicated to ornamental arts and sculptures, then the Victoria and Albert Francis Charles Augustus Emmanuel depository is for you. Generally, known as the V&A, the depository is found in South Kensington and is one of all the 3 major museums on Exhibition Road. You can visit the Victoria & Albert Francis, Charles Augustus Emmanuel depository for free!

The collection at the Victoria & Albert Francis, Charles Augustus Emmanuel depository has over two million objects in it. However, since it’s been assembling since 1852, this is smart. Inside, you’ll realize works from everywhere, spanning 5,000 years of creative art, print, textiles, blotchy objects, furniture, photos, and more!

The depository has the largest array of objects from the Renaissance Era outside of Italy.


Harry Potter Tour – WB Studios

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London could be a sensible destination. Leaving aside the streets used as Platform nine, Diagon Alley, 3/4 in King’s Cross Station, the Millennium Bridge shot by Death Eaters in one of all the films, Harry Potter fans will be enjoyed while visiting the Warner Brother Studios, London!

The Gates of the studios were opened for Visitors so that they can see the sets as to how the film was shot.

You’ll be able to see the outfits utilized in the films.

The studios are located outside the city center in Leavesden. People love to visit this place & also people imagine themselves with Potter and enjoy the WB Studios Tour.


The British Museum, London, England

The British Museum
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As one of the largest museums in the world dedicated to “Human History”, the British Museum could be a pretty necessary place to envision out. The British depository was based in 1753 and has since grown big and dilated into enormous structures these days. The explanation depository is simply a neighborhood of the British Depository.

Today, the British depository has over eight million items in it, with only one of the things on show presently. There are several debatable objects just like the inscription on show within the depository. This in-style attraction was the foremost visited within the GB till John Orley Allen Tate fashionable beat it in 2019. However, it’s still a good place to envision out since it’s centrally set on the brink of Russell Square. Entry to the museum is free, but you will have to pay some cost if you want to see the special exhibitions.


The Science museum

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This Museum was founded back in 1857. The museum in London is one of the 3 Major museums, we tend to keep talking about on Exhibition Road. The depository is found in South Kensington.

Inside the depository, the gathering homes over 300,000 things from all sides of science from physics to powered engines. Owing to the interactive exhibits, the museum could be a good spot to bring youngsters while visiting London. Besides, IMAX Cinema was added to entertain families. Entry to this museum is also free.


The Museum of London, England

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Located simply north of St. Paul’s Cathedral and based in 1968, this depository walks guests through a timeline of London from prehistoric times to these days.

The depository has permanent galleries that show the town because it grew and dilated, was leveled by hearth and plague, then through war and innovation. The depository of London is free to enter, except for special exhibitions, you would like to pay some charge.

Shakespeare’s Globe

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There’s a reproduction in London on the South Bank. You’ll know the read from standing on the bottom. The expertise of the performance is simply amazing, and you’ll read the summer solstice Night’s Dream. The most effective half is that, whereas there’s balcony seating around the stage, floor tickets square measure solely five pounds – however, there’s an excessive amount of rush, thus book them early.


London Dungeons, London (England)

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The London Dungeon could also be acquainted with some and will not be acquainted with some. London Dungeons is found close to Westminster Bridge, primarily right beside the London Eye. The London Dungeons tells the dark part of London. The World Health Organization is willing to find out about the history of some journeys. You can discover several Dungeons in larger cities like Edinburgh.


The Hyde Park, London, England

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Hyde Park is a place that will assist you to stay calm. On the point of Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace, there are 4 “Royal Parks” connected with it. The biggest one in Hyde Park.
The park is choked with smaller monuments (like the Wellington Arch), cafes, gardens, and pathways leading all told directions. You can even swim within the snakelike lake!


The Churchill in Parliament Square

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London has a long and necessary place in European history – then it ought to come as no surprise that time history is extremely standard in London. The town was bombed in 1940 and 1941 by the Germans in what’s called the Blitz, a series of air bombing raids. Many people and necessary objects were stirred to bunkers around the town (or outside the town completely). One amongst these folks was the Prime Minister of the time, a statesman.

If you would like to understand what this bunker seemed like, then head to Churchill’s Bunker/War Rooms! Situated terribly on the point of the Palace of Westminster, the War Rooms are a standard attraction within the town since they need to be preserved for future generations with meticulous detail.


Harrods supermarket

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Founded in 1849, Harrods sales outlet is found within the spirited space of Knightsbridge, Harrods is arguably one amongst the foremost known malls in the world. With a Latin slogan that translates to “all things for all folks, everywhere”, it’s a busy place known for high-end things, its Christmas displays, food halls, and more. Harrods is one of the biggest malls in Europe. Harrods had one of the oldest escalators of the globe launched within the year 1898. It had been a seamed animal skin path that stirred folks, and other people at the time weren’t keen to ride it. The shop offered customers hard drinks at the highest of the escalator to calm their nerves.



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