15 Must-Do Things when Visiting Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Skyline View

15 Must-Do Things when Visiting Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur is the capital of MalaysiaKuala Lumpur (Malaysia) is famous for its Twin Towers, Temples, Bird Park. You will enjoy this visit. Some Famous Bangkok Cuisines are Rendang (Chicken), Ayam Percik (Chicken with Percik Sauce), Nasi Lemak.


Kuala Lumpur’s Land Area is 243 km² & its population is estimated to be 1,850,000 (according to the Year 2018-19). +603 is the Telephonic Area Code of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). There is 1 Airport located in Kuala Lumpur: Kuala Lumpur International Airport. KLIA has 2 Terminals; the first is the Main Terminal & the second is known as the Low-Cost Carrier Airport, where Economy flights are running from the terminal.


Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
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Merdeka sq. & the Kuala Lumpur Town Gallery

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Kuala Lumpur’s independence sq. Here you’ll see the previous highest flagpole of the globe, wherever the Malaysian allegory was hoisted for the first time on August thirty-one, 1957. The Gallery is located on Merdeka Square. You’ll also get to see the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. Everyone visiting here must visit this place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Aquarium Convention Centre 

Aquarium Convention Centre Malaysia
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(KLCC) Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre spans over 60,000 sq. feet and has a 300-foot tunnel within the center that permits guests to explore the depths up to sea level as they’re enclosed on 3 sides by water. The expertise is ready up as a land-to-ocean journey and aims to coach guests on Malaysian aquatic life from fresh rivers and swamps to the Brobdingnagian ocean. There are instructional and interactive exhibits that emphasize the importance of conservation and the Aquaria national capital Convention Centre has over 5,000 aquatic creatures for guests to get pleasure from.

Menara Tower aka Kuala Lumpur Tower

Menara Tower Kuala Lumpur Tower
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The TV tower of the national capital is presently the seventh-highest in the world that offers a tremendous 360-degree view over the town. Finally, you’ll take a shuttle to avoid walking. Though, walking is sweet for health. It is your choice whether or not you would like to require a shuttle or health. Traveling by bus doesn’t cost anything.


There are 2 units to go to the tower:

Observation Deck: You’ll get a 360-degree read of the national capital at the height of 276 meters. However, sadly, behind windows.

Open Deck: you’ll get associate outdoor 360-degrees of the town at the height of 350 meters.


The Kuala Lumpur City Centre Park

KLCC Park Malaysia
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Behind the illustrious Petronas skyscraper and, therefore, the Suria national capital town, Centre searching complicated could be a lovely and inexperienced park among all the skyscrapers, the national capital middle Park. Everything is well-kept and there’s even a public swimming bath for the children.

Many tourists and locals are coming back to the park to relax underneath the shadow of the trees and luxuriate in the read of the encircling buildings, further because of the skyscraper. Visit this place to avoid the traffic.


Bukit Bintang

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One of the foremost common diversions and searching districts of the national capital. Here you’ll notice from Hawker Centers, shopping malls to nighttime markets and bars virtually everything you’ll want. This place is common amongst the young generations.



Take a Tour at The Petronas Towers

The Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Image By Steve Douglas from Unsplash

The Petronas Towers area is an illustrious landmark of the national capital. This is often one of the foremost illustrious towers in Malaysia. From 1998 to 2004, it had been the best tower in the world. However, it had been replaced by Taipeh ten that was the best tower until 2010. Despite this, this building is the highest twin tower in the world.


We’ve never been to prime as a result of which we expect they might be missing from the skyline of the town; however, it’s attainable to travel up there. Visit the observation deck on the 86th floor to examine the association between the two Towers.


Chinatown – Petaling Street

ChinaTown Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
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During the day there’s not much happening on Petaling Street. However, as soon as the late afternoon begins, everything involves life here, and there’ll be stalls with virtually everything you’ll imagine. You’ll get all varieties of things – from T-shirts, shirts, souvenirs, handbags, watches, shoes, soccer jerseys, and, after all, abundant delicious Chinese food.


The road is sealed with stalls and food courts. Simply take a get-together into the evening through the alleys between all the stalls and escort the flow.


Orchid Garden

Orchid Garden Malaysia
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Visit the orchid Garden of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Additionally, the gorgeous orchids and, therefore, quite a nice atmosphere secluded from the busy streets of the capital.

From here you’ll have an exquisite read of the skyline of the national capital and, while exploring this place, you’ll notice variant wild animals like naughty monkeys.

Kampung Baru

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The district Kampung Baru is found within the heart of the national capital and was already speculated to be developed over and over. However, the residents resist it as a result of their requirements to preserve the initial Malaysian fashion up here.

At night, you’ll notice several restaurants wherever you’ll get delicious food. Take a little food journey, and with hands and information on menu cards, you’ll prepare virtually everything.


Sri Mahamariamman Temple

Shri mahamariamman Temple Malaysia
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Famous for being the oldest Hindu temple all told of the national capital that was built in the nineteenth century, Sri Mahamariamman Temple is well-price a visit for those desirous to find out about the various cultures and religions that make up this town. The temple is recognizable as you approach it because it encompasses a spirited and colorful façade that includes a spread of Hindu deities depiction illustrious legends. The location could be an operating temple and intrinsically an area of worship for the native Tamil community; however, guests can even explore the grounds and marvel at the design and atmosphere.


Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park Malaysia
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Spanning over twenty acres, this huge volume is home to over 3000 birds, and therefore the focus is on promoting native species to guests, though there are some foreign birds housed within the park. Guests will get pleasure from learning concerning the native flora and fauna and bird looking at one of the most important public aviaries in the world. The park is additionally a well-respected scientific location, and there’s a stress on conservation and education, and there are unit breeding programs and scientific studies of the birds in their natural surroundings.


Sunway Lagoon Park

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park
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A little solution of the town center within the residential district of Petaling Jaya, Sunway Laguna FunFair has offered fun for all the family since it opened in 1997. Their motto is ‘Come Feel the Fun’, and guests to the realm will know that it’s not simply an issue park; however, additionally, there’s a water park that’s situated on a similar website, and a life and ‘extreme’ park with wilder rides for additional venturous varieties. The advanced includes funfair rides, interactive games, wave and surf pools, and even a zoological garden. The park additionally offers options of feeding and searching choices for people who wish to grab some souvenirs. 


Royal Selangor Park

Royal Selangor Park malaysia
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Something of a hidden gem and surprisingly under-visited, Royal Selangor Club Centre showcases the history, factory, and merchandise of Royal Selangor since they began production in 1885. You don’t need to pay any money to enter the area. You’ll get to understand the history of their work as they supply you with early samples of their work, historical pictures, and even an amount of outfits for guests to do on. Also, you’ll be able to visit the Royal works. You’ll be able to get alloy jewelry and ornaments here.


Kuala Lumpur Station

Kuala Lumpur Station Malaysia
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Built throughout the British colonial amount and completed in 1886, the deposit could be a mixture of European and Asian designs and currently options antique exhibits within the hall like fireplace engines and steam trains. Once, this station was the most famous station of the national capital; however, it had been replaced by the trendy Kuala Lumpur Sentral Station.

 Visitors return to the national capital terminal to envision a railway deposit housed within the associate example of classic British and Asian design. There are also models and replicas of trains and carriages and guests will stroll around the platforms and find out about the history of the locomotive in the Asian country.


Shop at Pasar Seni Market

Pasar Seni Central Market Malaysia
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Pasar Seni, also called the Central Market of the capital was developed from a former wet market marketing fruit, vegetables, and meat. These days the realm has been updated and includes different sections to replicate the varied influences and ethnic backgrounds of gifts in an Asian country like Chinese and Indian areas marketing native merchandise like souvenirs and humanities and crafts. There’s additionally a food court marketing native delicacies, and also space ahead of the market is thought for street performers and musical shows.


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