25 Must-Do Things When Visiting California, USA

California, USA


25 Must Do Things when Visiting California, USA


California is a state in the United States of America. This Amazing Place is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States and not just for its amusement parks, but also several haunted places and National Parks. California, USA has a ranking of 3rd spot area-wise. Californian Adventure Rides is the most loved thing here.

California’s Land Area is 423,970 km² & Population of California is estimated to be 39,500,000 (according to the year 2019). Area codes 760, 619, 415, 510, 805, 916, 707, 949, 209 are some telephonic area code of California. You can find a lot of Beaches, Deserts in California. There are around 13 Airports in the United States of America located in different parts of California. Some are located in California Cities:Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose.

California Minimum Wage Rate 2020-21:-

  • California Minimum Wage Rate 2020 $12 Per Hour  to $13 Per Hour
  • California Minimum Wage Rate 2021 – $13 Per Hour to $14 Per Hour

California is also famous for its Almond, named Californian Almond. California State Produces 80 Percent Almond of the Californian Almonds, rest 20 Percent are grown in areas that have a hot and dry Mediterranean climate with good means of irrigation system. Time zone in California, USA is GMT-7 (Pacific Daylight Time).

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California State University, Fullerton is a public university founded in the year 1957. More than 41,000 students have enrolled in this university since 1957. 

  • Address of California State University, Fullerton: 800 N State College Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92831, United States
  • Contact Number: (+1) 657-278-2011
California USA
Image By Bobby Yang from Unsplash

Disneyland Park – California, USA

Image By Brandi Ibrao from Unsplash

Discover the Happiest Place on Earth once you visit Disneyland Park in Anaheim. Disney Land is one of the top vacation spots in California State.
Whether you’re an adult looking to relive your childhood or a child seeking fun, you’ll indeed create lasting memories within the famous park.

Disneyland Park is that the original Disney amusement park developed directly by Disney. It opened in 1955 and is that the second-most visited amusement park in the world.

It was the inspiration behind all of the opposite Disney parks globally. You can easily spend one or more days enjoying everything Disneyland has got to offer. It’s divided into themed park sections that bring the planet of Disney to life.
Main Street, Mickey’s Toontown, and Adventureland are a couple of the various areas. Each section has its rides, attractions, games, restaurants, shops, and more.

Visit the Big SUR Coastline

Big Sur Coastline
Image By Jakub Gorajek from Unsplash

The cliffs and ridges of massive Sur, draped with redwoods and rising right out of the ocean, are an unparalleled beauty to behold. The population here is limited, though, it attracts lots of travelers.
The construction of Highway 1, which weaves along the sting of the mountains, opened the previously inaccessible region to arts and tourism, attracting the likes of Kerouac and Hunter S. Thompson to its rustic locale.

The views from the highway are stunning, with many scenic viewpoints along the way for you to prevent off and luxuriate in the twinkling blue ocean below.
Driving along the Big Sur, as it is one of the best things to do in California State.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood
Image By Jared Lisack from Unsplash

Universal Studios Hollywood is located in Los Angeles. It assails the lot of the primary Hollywood Studio. The original tours expanded over time to now host several amusement park attractions like rides and other activities.
Explore the Wizarding World of Harry Potter or tour Springfield, USA, together with your favorite Simpsons characters. It has a roller coaster, studio tours, interactive 3D experiences, and live shows.
Lower Lot features themed rides dedicated to Jurassic Park, The Mummy, Transformers, and a kid’s play area.
Keep an eye fixed out for your favorite characters walking around the park for photos and fun.



Death Valley National Park, California

Death Valley National Park
Image By Cameron Venti from Unsplash

Death Valley, one of the most well-liked places on Earth.
The park covers quite three million acres across California and Nevada – it’s one of the most important national parks within us.
Death Valley park may be a vast, remote wilderness area of the Mojave. It welcomes many visitors per annum to experience an otherworldly landscape of valleys, dunes, towering mountain peaks, and more.

Tour the park from your vehicle for sightseeing or get off to explore on foot.
You’ll see the prominent summit of Telescope Peak, the park’s highest point, or walk the salt flats of Badwater Basin, a rock bottom point in North America. It is one gorgeous spot and one of the simplest attractions in California. Visitors can choose a hike up to Dante’s View for the simplest views of the desert landscape.

Yosemite National Park – California (USA)

Yosemite National Park, California
Image Credits: iStock Photos

Yosemite park is one of the highest attractions in California. This superb forest halts near the Sierra Nevada peaks. Its granite cliffs and waterfalls are the type of beauty that only exists along America’s West Coast: immense, majestic, and breathtaking.
The land was so stunning that Muir, the famous naturalist, worked tirelessly to preserve the Yosemite Valley and therefore the surrounding land as a park before national parks even existed.

With one visit to any spot within the park, it is easy to ascertain what was so worth preserving. Now every generation can experience this pristine and luxurious land even as Muir did a century ago.



San Diego Zoo, California
Image By mishcalendar0 from PixaBay

The world-famous San Diego Zoo is one of the highest things to try to do in California.
With over four million visitors annually, it’s the foremost popular zoo within the country. You’ll get an opportunity to ascertain thousands of animals representing quite 650 different species from around the world.
The San Diego Zoo may be a large zoo space divided into various exhibitions.

Each exhibition represents a singular geographic or climate region and showcases the animals native to the areas.
Exhibits include Africa, Australia, tropical regions, arctic regions, and more. Some Animals you can find here are:- lions, gorillas, polar bears, giraffes, elephants, penguins, rhinos, Giant Pandas from China, and numerous birds.

Santa Catalina Island

Santa Catalina Island
Image By Benoit Debaix from PixaBay

This small island is one of the unique vacation spots in California. Although it’s but 5,000 permanent residents, it attracts over a million visitors per annum. Avalon is that the main town on the island to start the Catalina experience. One of the most attractions here is Avalon Beach, where you’ll get to enjoy the picturesque scenery of the Pacific and clear waters. Snorkeling and diving are the most favorite exercises of the travelers. You can also take a glass-bottom ship. The island also has a rich cultural heritage.

Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign, California
Image By Nathan DeFiesta from PixaBay

The Hollywood sign was Constructed in 1923. Initially, it had been constructed for advertisement purposes, but thanks to its popularity, the sign is now a mainstay landmark and popular culture icon for Hollywood. The Hollywood Sign Trust was established for the protection and maintenance of the letters.

The sign sits atop Mount Lee within the Hollywood Hills. The white letters measure 45-ft tall and 350-ft long for all the letters combined. Till now, Lots of Restoration has taken place to preserve the sign.


Golden State Bridge

Golden State Bridge, California
Image Credits: iStock Photos

The Golden Gate Bridge is one California attraction you only can’t miss! It is a huge, towering red bridge that links San Francisco Bay to the Pacific.
It is also a California landmark. Tourists come from far and wide to ride on its smooth streets and to see upon the bay from the bridge. You would consider it as a simple bridge, but it is more than that.

On both sides of the Golden Gate Bridge prevails two stops. Both are optimal picture and lookout vantage points to urge great views of not just the bridge but the long-lasting, golden city also.
There are typically several tourists and locals running, jogging, vlogging and lots more.

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park, California
Image By Nightowl from PixaBay

The iconic Joshua tree is that the centerpiece of the Joshua tree park, one among the foremost popular parks in California. The park encompasses a neighborhood split between the Mojave and so the Colorado Desert, formed in 1994 for the preservation of the natural landscape, and therefore the native trees are saved.

Joshua Tree park is among the highest places to go to in California, attracting many people per annum to the park grounds. Visitors can enjoy the gorgeous scenery of the park crammed with forests of Joshua Trees, unique rock formations, and untouched wilderness landscapes. It provides opportunities like Trekking, Camping, Rock Climbing & Lots More. You can also see nearby places like Hidden Valley, Arch Rock, the Giant Marbles, and the Barker Dam from the National Park.

Take a tour of The Redwood National Park

Redwood National Park, California
Image By Waldkunst from PixaBay

The northern California coast is home to a number of the oldest and tallest trees in the world.
The Redwood National and State Parks comprises multiple parks to preserve the old-growth forests. The place was chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
You’ll have an opportunity to steer amongst a number of the tallest Redwood trees in the world. Glimpses gazing up the towering canopy are mind-boggling as you search the jungle areas.
The parks are great for outdoor recreation – continue nature walks to ascertain the various flora or take a guided ranger tour to find out more about the landscape and trees.

Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park
Image By PDPhotos from PixaBay

The diverse landscape of the parks includes an outsized area of the Sierra Nevada range, among valleys, canyons, marble caves, and many glacial lakes. Some of the natural landmarks like San Joaquin Valley, Zumwalt Meadow, and the Roaring River Falls are the Highest Peak in the Us. In 1943, the Sequoia National Park and the Kings Canyon National Parks were merged to create the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.
The park is documented for the enormous sequoia trees located throughout the park.
Tourism is accessible for visitors coming to experience the scenic great thing about the park. Many people come for scenic drives through the mountains, This Place Provides opportunities like camping and Trekking.

Channel Island National Park

Channel islands National park, California
Image By Priya Karkare from Unsplash

The Channel Islands is an archipelago located just off the coast of California within the Pacific. Five of the eight islands structure the Channel Islands park, established in 1980 to preserve the natural scenery of the undeveloped islands.
The central hub of the park is Santa Cruz Island, the most important of the Channel Islands. The Park includes land and sea area, also chosen as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve for the rich aquatic life and flora.
Visitors must take a ferry from the mainland to arrive at the islands to regulate tourism and maintain the island ecosystem. The central visitor center showcases presentations with knowledge regarding the island and cultural antiquity.
The Channel Islands park is famous for recreational activities and sightseeing. It offers visitors Opportunities like diving, kayaking to explore the unique sea caves, trekking, camping. You can Find Some Loving Animals like Dolphins & Sea Lions.

Hearst Castle, California, USA

Hearst Castle, California
Image By Bishnu Sarangi from PixaBay

Hearst Castle is a superb example of the extravagant American lifestyle during the golden age of the first 20th-Century. The castle is owned by William Randolph Hearst, a media tycoon, and it is constructed by a famed woman architect, Julia Morgan.
The Hearst Corp donated their house and every one of its content to the State of California after his death. It was opened to the general public in 1958 for a glimpse into his opulent lifestyle.
Hearst Castle was a home dwelling, developed to exhibit the vast art and furniture collections of Hearst, ultimately becoming a social venue for giant parties. The castle includes original furnishing and art, seen throughout most houses, Casa Grande, and therefore the cottages: Casa del Mar, Casa del Monte, and Casa del Sol.
Bus rides take visitors up the Enchanted Hill to the location of the castle for touring round the rooms and suites of the house or throughout the grounds. It features two large pools, a garden, and sits atop a hill for sights of the encompassing area. Visitors can take different tours to discover the complex’s art, interiors, and more.
Hearst Castle is located near San Simeon, California, and is seen by 100K People Every Year.

Lombard Street, California, USA

Lombard Street, San Francisco, California
Image By Brandon Nelson from Unsplash

Lombard Steep is located in the city of California, San Francisco. Lombard Street is famous for its steep slope. It is during one among the architectural wonders to combat the steepness of the slopes for vehicles in a one-block stretch of Lombard Street. Lombard Street is taken into account as the foremost crooked street within the world, complete with eight hairpin turns.
About two million people visit Lombard Street annually. The name derives from the same name in Philadelphia. The block includes stairways on either side leading up to the highest of the block, providing visitors a picturesque view of the curvy Street, and San Francisco.


Venice Beach, California (USA)

Venice Beach
Image Credits: iStock Phtotos

Visit Venice Beach, one of the premier beaches in LA most famous for its boardwalk. Venice beach stretches for miles, lined with many recreational areas and eclectic vibes along the Boardwalk.
Millions of people come to Venice Beach per annum, with the busiest nonce during the Summer. Its nickname, ‘Muscle Beach,’ came from the outdoor gym equipment established along the beach. Enjoy Different sports Like Handball, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Castle Building & lots more.
Surfing is famous at Venice Beach, San Francisco. This is one of the Best Relaxing Places with the sight of the Beach. You can also rent e-bikes & scooters.

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier, Calfornia
Image Credits: iStock Photos

Santa Monica Pier is located in Santa Monica. The pier starts off Colorado Avenue, transitioning into a hotspot for tourists and locals alike. The pier is a spot for fun, eating, and enjoying the sights.
One of the highlight features of the Santa Monica Pier is that the towering Ferris wheel, located within the Pacific Park funfair. This Amusement Park is one of the Famous Family Spots. Visit this Place at Night to enjoy the Vibrant Lights of the Ferris wheel.
Santa Monica Pier includes Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, a video game arcade, and it hosts outdoor concerts and movies during the Summer.
The pier is a popular place to find great restaurants – Some Scenes of Forrest Gump were also shot here. Famous foods you can eat are ice cream or try a hot dog on a stick.
Sightseeing, fishing, and exercising are one of the few activities which this Place offers.


Visit Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium, California
Image By Josh Wilburne from Unsplash

Monterey Bay Aquarium is one of the foremost visited attractions in Monterey, California. Around two million visits this place annually. The architecture features broad glass windows and an outside deck searching towards the bay to make a seamless visual transition from the outside to the aquarium exhibits.
Monterey Bay Aquarium features a spread of permanent and temporary exhibitions. This Aquarium is famous for its Great White Shark. The best exhibitions to check out in the aquarium are the Seawater systems, featuring over 36,000 animals of more than 525 species swimming in millions of gallons of water. The Open Sea Wing is also a notable exhibit, featuring one of the largest aquarium windows in the world. Water conditions of every display are filtered counting on the natural habitats of the animals.
The Monterey Bay Aquarium provides Lectures, Information about the Aquarium & the Sea Animals. Kids love to explore this New Place.


Griffith Observatory – California, USA

Griffith Observatory, California, USA
Image Credits: iStock Phtotos

It was built with the purpose that only scientists would be allowed to enter the premises so to remove the barrier, this Observatory was opened for General Public. The Griffith Observatory was built in 1935, it is located in Los Angeles.

Many people visit to enjoy the observatory grounds and to view the beautiful scenery of the mountain. People love to take photos here.

Inside the observatory are a spread of exhibitions and facilities. The exhibits showcase space and science themes – Foucault’s pendulum, a planetarium theatre, exhibitions of the evolution of telescopes, and the history of the universe. Lots of Quizzes take place here to entertain the Visitors.
Visitors have an opportunity to see through the huge Zeiss Telescope, emerging from the observatory’s dome, viewing Celestial Bodies.

Alcatraz Island, California, USA

Alcatraz Island, California
Image Credits: iStock Photos

Alcatraz Island is known for providing food & shelter to notorious criminals like Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly. It is one of the oldest lighthouses of the United States of America. Now, people come here to see the inside of this prison.

Alcatraz Island was established on the island to stop escape, thanks to space to shore and therefore the water conditions.
Visitors can reach the island via a ferry ride from San Francisco. You can take a tour closed prison cells, the Warden’s House, dining hall, recreation yard, and lots more.


Old Town San Diego – California, USA

Old Town San Diego
Image Credits: iStock Photos

Old Town San Diego is that the first European settlement. In the early 1800s, Spanish Settlers Arrived here and established the Presidio Mission. This Old Town was founded because of the commercial and political hub for the mission.

Old Town is liberal to the general public and an exciting place to steer around. You can imagine a History by looking at its streets. This place has lots of Old Mexican Restaurants.
You’ll see historic adobe-style homes, a courthouse, a schoolhouse, and horse stables. Some of the buildings are preserved from age, while others were reconstructed to their original appearance.

Solvang, California, USA

Solvang, California, USA
Image Credits: iStock Photos

Solvang may be a famous Danish Village established in California by Danish immigrants who introduced their local heritage to America.
From the historical European architecture to the local festivals, Solvang is an authentic Danish experience that brings many of Denmark’s best features to California.
It’s a well-liked tourist destination to ascertain attractions just like the replica Round Tower and therefore the replica Little Mermaid statue created from the originals in Copenhagen, the Denmark capital.
Visit this Place during Local Festivals like Danish Days and the Solvang Grape Stomp.

Lassen Volcanic Park – California, USA

Lassen Volcanic National Park, California
Image By Priya Karkare from Unsplash

The northern region of California is filled with natural wonders. Visit Lassen Volcanic park for an opportunity to ascertain one of the foremost picturesque volcanic landscapes. In the Middle of Lassen Volcanic National Park is the Lassen peak which is the world’s biggest dome Volcano.
Lassen Volcanic park is that the only place where you’ll find every sort of volcano.

It’s used for research, but there are many exciting activities to enjoy as a visitor. Around half a million visitors explore these hiking trails and landscape scenery.
The most popular hike within the park is that the Lassen Volcanic Park, which ends at the summit of Lassen Peak, where you’ll see into the crater. Other favorite trails include the King Creek Falls trail or a hike around Manzanita Lake.

Winchester Mystery House – California, USA

Winchester Mystery House, California, USA
Image Credits: CNN

Winchester Mystery home is one of the Haunted places to go to. Winchester Mystery House is located in San Jose. It was built by Sarah Winchester, who relocated to California after the passing of her husband.
It’s rumored that she was instructed to maneuver West and built the mansion to satisfy victims from Winchester rifles, a corporation owned by her husband.

Her wealth and inheritance after his passing led her to make one of the foremost impressive (yet haunted) mansions within the Californian state.
The mansion may be a beautiful Victorian-style home that features unusual features sort of a door and stairs to nowhere.
Visitors can take haunted tours through the mansion to explore its unique features with the likelihood of encountering unsettled spirits.

Take a tour of the Steamship Queen Mary

Queen Mary Ship, The Long Beach, California
Image By Bradley Pisney from Unsplash

Queen Mary was a steamship that was used for trips between Europe and America during the 1930-70s. It was once a rich method of traveling and now is a tourist attraction for a glimpse into its rich past. Queen Mary handled from 1936 to 1967, where it sailed to its final docking site in Long Beach.

It’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places and it is kept well preserved in its original shape.
Visitors can climb aboard the ship and walk the decks to admire its grand scale and artistic movement interior. Most parts of the ship are open for tourists and have several restaurants onboard and a museum to learn about its history.
It also operates as a hotel where visitors can stay within the updated first-class cabins.

Bodie State Historic Park

Bodie State Historic Park, California
Image Credits: iStock Photos

Bodie State Historic Park may be a preserved town that showcases life during the gold rush. Visitors can take a self-guided tour to explore over 100 buildings remaining within the town.
Bodie State Historic Park encountered population inflation in 1876 after the discovery of Gold. Millions of dollars of Gold were mined locally, but the town got evacuated soon after the shortage of Gold.

The town of Bodie is an enjoyable spot to visit because many of the historic items had been preserved after the town was evacuated. As you walk around the gravel roads, you will see much evidence from a former life. Some of the buildings hospitable to the general public include the stamping mill, a schoolhouse, a saloon, and a bank.

Visit the Anza Borrego Desert State Park

Anza Borrego Desert State Park, California
Image By Patrick Mayor from Unsplash

The Anza Borrego Desert State Park is California’s largest state park that features various landscapes. You’ll find many exciting sights and natural landmarks to explore within the park.
Anza Borrego Desert State Park includes features like the Santa Rosa Mountains, Blair Valley, Smuggler Canyon, and more. You will find the Endangered Species Bighorn Sheep.

According to some people, some Native Americans left behind artifacts and rock art. Several fossils were discovered within the Park.
It’s a superb destination to enjoy incredible hikes through the scenic landscape. Several trails cause archaeological sites and lookout points like Font’s Point. The Best Time to visit this place is in Spring when Flowers Bloom.

Burney Falls, California, USA

Burney Falls, California
Image Credits: iStock Photos

Burney Falls is one of the Beautiful Waterfalls. Burney Falls is found within the McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park. It’s an unprecedented waterfall that has water flowing from above and many other sprouts from underwater springs.

It forms an impressive sight reaching the height of 129 feet at the biggest drop and 250 feet wide. The best time to visit this place is from April to October when it rains at a good volume.


Take a Tour of Fisherman’s Wharf

Fishermans Wharf California
Image Credits: iStock Photos

The famous Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the best things to do in California, where you’ll get to experience the city’s most vibrant area.
It’s a serious tourist destination for dining, shopping, and entertainment.

Fisherman’s Wharf has something for everybody. It’s a scenic waterfront location with attractions such as a shopping center, San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, and multiple museums. You’ll find a number of the simplest seafood in San Francisco.
It’s one of the most public gathering places to enjoy local holidays and events, just like the 4th of July fireworks and air shows during Fleet Week.


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